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Joining ASIS

Joining ASIS International and more specifically our chapter is easy. Join now and gain access to an unrivalled network of more than 38,000 security practitioners around the globe and all the essential tools and resources you need to excel in your job and your career.







Joining ASIS is an investment in you and your professional development. As a member, you become connected to a global community of security management practitioners.


Regardless of where you are in your career, membership offers many paths and opportunities to learn from and interact with colleagues in ways that will help you meet your professional goals.



Professional in an executive, managerial, supervisory, or responsible charge position who is primarily responsible for the security function of their organization.


Individual with a professional interest in security, seeking the educational benefits provided by membership in ASIS.


Student Member

Full-time student actively pursuing a security-related degree. Note: Student membership is not available to those who would otherwise qualify for Member or Associate status.



Use the link below to apply for membership online. Membership approval takes approximately one week.


Click here for an on-line ASIS membership form


For chapter membership information and enquiries contact our Secretary


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The ASIS Foundation is dedicated to supporting our members, our profession and our communities.  With the support of ASIS International, member and chapter donations and corporate support, the Foundation is able to invest in elevating security practice through research and education.   

Chapter 107 History

Prior to the year 2006, the countries of Austria and Germany shared a common ASIS Chapter (number 107). The co-chapters were chaired by Mr. Paul Reither from 1986 to the year 2002, where he later transferred his membership to the Austrian Chapter. During the year 2006 a decision was made by the German chapter members to split into two chapters.


The Austrian Chapter retained the chapter number 107, and was officially relocated to the capitol city of Vienna, Austria. An association (non-profit) was legally formed and the membership began to quickly grow.


Mr. Werner Preining CPP, who at the time in 2006 was a member of the Swiss Chapter of ASIS, was asked by ASIS International to chair the Austrian Chapter to which he humbly accepted. Mr. Preining continues to serve today as the Honorary Chairperson.


Mr. Reither during his tenure in the Austrian Chapter served consecutive terms as the Vice Chairperson. Mr. Reither is now notably recognized within our chapter as having served the chapter as Chairperson for 2 years. Mr. Reither continues to serve today as the Advisor to the Chapter Board.

ASIS Certifications

Since 1977, ASIS certifications have set the standard for professional excellence in the security industry.


Recognized worldwide, the CPP, PCI, and PSP credentials provide objective proof of an individual's professional knowledge and experience. 


ASIS certifications (click on blue font for more info):




Download the ASIS International Board Certifications handbook (PDF).

To find a testing location near you, please click on this link and follow the directions:

Test Development and Delivery Locations

For further information related to ASIS certifications please contact:

Certification Chairperson
Mr. William Mubanga, CPP, PCI
Security Specialist
United Nations Austria
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